TOURQUIA was born with a specific goal: to develop and market different exclusive high quality trips. In our exclusive bonus trips and excursions the search for experiences full of emotions, the lure of the unique and unknown, lost corner, unexpected surprises, unforgettable memories capable of printing in our memory, and all within a context of elegant treatment of distinction. In an effort to convey this experience in our city, combined with the challenge of creating emotions to our customers and exceed their expectations, we select for you the best schedules and routes, more original content and more suitable accommodation, all set in our commitment continued to excellence and good taste because each trip should be special and unique, designed TOURQUIA stays “as” for those who love the authenticity and originality, taking care of every detail so they feel that they live unique and unforgettable moments. We discover Istanbul, Turkey: experience the fusion of unusual spaces with bold tasting, history with music, nature with the glamour … A world of new sensations. We are a group of professionals who share a common passion: the seduction of the exclusivity. “For this reason we offer the opportunity to enjoy exclusive tourism in Istanbul and our mission is to provide unique experience for lovers of luxury and hedonism. Discover Istanbul in Istanbul; our field experience has also allowed us to structure an organization versatile, creative and efficient with ability to adapt to the proposals and conditions for customers.



Every trip, every client is unique to us. For this reason, please feel free to email us or contact us by phone to find your ideal trip to Istanbul, as his tour, despite the pre-established routes can be found on our website.

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