Ceromony of Dervishes

The Sacred Dance of the Dervishes and Pear

Mevlana’s originality comes from the fact that he thought he could access union with God through music and dance. Once the show is finished, I walk through Istiklal Street and free time.

Departures: Sundays / afternoon.
Price: 60 Euros per person

The Order of the Dervishes, called Mevlevi (those who follow the Mevlana-the guide, was founded by Mevlana Celaledddin Rumi in the city of Konya.) This order will later be implemented in other cities of the country, as well as in Egypt and Syria. He taught his disciples to go in search of the truth, always testing tolerance and charity.

Mevlana’s originality comes from the fact that he thought he could access union with God through music and dance. In order to understand the meaning of the sacred dance of the dervishes, one must know the symbolic meaning of the attire, of the movements and all the gesticulation. Men and women dressed in a tunic that symbolizes the sepulcher, the head covered with a conical hat that represents the tumbal stone, slowly turn around imitating a constellation of stars. Dance gives access to the knowledge of God, this allows you to feel his presence and join him. The black mantle falls, the dancer escapes the terrestrial chains and heaviness or mortal gravity. The right hand rises to heaven to receive divine grace, the left hand is oriented towards the earth to communicate this grace to all humanity.

Once the dervishes show is over, we will walk along Istiklal Street where they will have free time to dine or have a coffee in the various restaurants, cafes or bars that you will find on the way to Taksim Square.

The meeting point with the bus that will take you back to your hotel will be at 11pm, in front of the hotel The Marmara which is located in Taksim Square.

Do not wear shorts or miniskirts, visit sacred places.
Wear a hat during the summer to protect yourself from the sun
Wear sweater during spring and autumn
Take warm clothes during the winter.

Limited places.
Duration: 9 hours
Departure from the hotel: 2:00 pm (approximate time)
Return to hotel: 23:00 (approximate time)
Minimum participants: 4 adults. reserves the right to change the order of visits without changing the content of the tour.
Prices of excursions valid for customers staying in the European zone of Istanbul. Request supplement for departures from the Asian area of ​​Istanbul or other areas outside the historic center, Taksim area and Bosphorus area.