Romantic Turkey

Lately Turkey is fashionable. The traditional European destinations such as England, France or Italy, little by little begin to give prominence to other countries such as China, Jordan and Turkey, the only one in the world that sits between two continents.

Turkey is enigmatic, alive, ancient and modern. Here two of the most important civilizations of the history, Byzantine and Ottomans are mixed; which has created an enriching culture, palpable in unique buildings, monuments, spaces, places and cities.

Even though the capital of Turkey is Ankara, where the seat of government is located; The largest, most important and tourist city is Istanbul, a magical place, a charming city, crossed by the Bosphorus Strait, which divides it into two continents. In Istanbul itself, Europe ends and Asia begins. When traveling its streets we travel in time and at the same time we know a living, modern, modern city, where every corner has a meaning, a story, something to tell.

Do you dare to break the tax schemes of consumption and happiness and go on honeymoon to Turkey? This country will not disappoint you. It has all the potential and charisma to be a perfect destination for the love, passion and enjoyment of a newly married couple. Do not think twice and bet on the charm of a Turkey in love!