Private cruise through the Bosphorus

Departures: Every day
Lunch included. Spanish speaking guide.

Price per person:
1 Pax: 335 EUR per person, 2 Pax: 180 EUR pp, 3 Pax: 160 EUR pp, 4-8 Pax: 150 EUR pp

From 8 Pax consult.

After picking it up at the hotel we will take a panoramic tour in a private vehicle through the Golden Horn, one of the most interesting areas of the city. If you do not have more time to visit the area, this way you can get an idea of ​​what their neighborhoods are like. In the tour through the Golden Horn we will see Fener, considered the Greek quarter of Istanbul and Balat, the old Jewish quarter. In the first is the Stevi Stefa church, built in Vienna and moved by pieces. The Mosque of the Rose, a church transformed after the Ottoman conquest, and the Patriarchate of Fener, seat of the Greek Orthodox Church. In Balat there is the mosque of Ferruh Kethuda and the Synagogue of Ahrida. Built in the fifteenth century. We will then embark on our cruise through the Bosphorus.

Once on the boat we will begin to cross the Bosphorus enjoying the views on both shores, east Asia, west Europe. Wooden houses, palaces, forts and incredible bridges populate the strait that separates the Black Sea from the Marmara Sea. After crossing the second bridge of the Bosphorus we will reach the Rumeli fortress, built by Mehmet the conqueror to invade Constantinople without receiving help for the Black and the Danube. Then, after landing our boat, we will visit the Dolmabahce Palace, the last residence of the Ottoman Sultans and the imperial palace since the mid-nineteenth century. We will finish our visit here and return to the hotel. “We suggest you use a private boat to spend the best time of your life sailing through the Bosphorus, the pearl not only of Istanbul but of the world. Honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays and romantic moments, and all those moments spent in Istanbul will remain in your heart and will live in your memory throughout your life ”

We remind you that this exclusive route is a guided tour by our qualified professionals, in which it has a wide range of luxury vehicles for private transportation around the city, and we assure you that the restaurants in which you will delight culinary are a selection of the most outstanding of Istanbul. We put at your disposal everything you need to make your trip a resounding success.
Visits, tickets to museums, private guide, private car, lunch.


• Limited time for purchases
• Limited time for a coffee
• Meat menu: Possibility of changing the main dish by requesting it 24 hours in advance.
• Wear a hat during the summer to protect yourself from the sun
• Wear sweater during spring and autumn
• Wear warm clothes during the winter.
• Duration: 8 hours
• Departure from the hotel: 09:00 (approximate time)
• Return to the hotel: 5:00 pm (approximate time)
• Minimum participants: 2 adults.
• reserves the right to change the order of visits without changing the content of the tour.