Pilgrimage and san paul

Follow with us the steps of the Apostle Saint Paul in his travels as a missionary, across the Anatolian peninsula.



Arrival in Istanbul and transfer to the hotel. Brief orientation about the city. Rest of the day free for personal activities. Night in Istanbul.



Breakfast buffet. Visit Topkapı Palace, former home of the Ottoman sultans and the Cathedral of Saint Sophia, later converted into a Mosque and current museum. Free time for lunch. In the afternoon, visit the Blue Mosque, the Hippodrome, the Basilica Cistern and the Grand Bazaar. Night in Istanbul.



Breakfast buffet. Half day excursion in visit to the Species Bazaar followed by a cruise on the Bosphorus. Stop for coffee in the village of Ortaköy. Free afternoon. Night in Istanbul.



Breakfast buffet. Departure to Ankara, the capital of Turkey, where you will visit the Mausoleum of Atatürk, the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and the Castle of Angora. Night in Ankara.



Breakfast buffet. Departure to Cappadocia, a fascinating region, unique in the world, in which, together with its fantastic lunar landscape with beautiful and strange lava formations coming from the Erciyas Mount eruption and the erosion action, we will find infinity of small populations and churches. We will visit the Göreme Valley, an incredible Byzantine monastic complex made up of churches carved into the rock, with beautiful frescoes, the troglodyte villages of Pasabag in Zelve, the natural fortress of Uchisar. Night in Ürgüp.



Breakfast buffet. Continue the visit of Cappadocia, land of saints and the first Christians. Walk through its beautiful valleys, explore underground cities and visit ancient Christian villages. Night in Ürgüp.


tarsus adana

Breakfast buffet. Departure to Tarsus, the birthplace of San Pablo. Walk through the Tarsus mountains and visit the Arch of St. Paul, the Cleopatra Gate and the Well of the Holy Water. Night in Adana.


Antakya Adana

Breakfast buffet. Full day excursion to Antakya, known in the Bible as Antioquia de Orantes. Visit of Samandağ, the biblical Seleucia Pieria, the grotto of San Pedro, the aquatic tunnel of Tito and the Mosaic Museum. Night in Adana.




Breakfast buffet. Departure to Konya and visit the Temple of Mevlana, (the Sufi mystic philosopher who inspired the Dancing Dervishes or Giróvagos) and the Mosques of Selçuk. Night in Konya.

DAY 10

Yalvac Antalya

Breakfast buffet. Departure to Yalvac, the old Antioquia of Pisidia, where San Pablo gave his first sermon. In the afternoon, transfer to Antalya. Night in Antalya.

DAY 11

Pergamon Aspendos Sıde Antalya

Breakfast buffet. Full day excursion to the ancient city of Pergamum, preaching place of San Pablo, and visit of the Aspendos Theater. Continue to Side to visit the Temple of Apollo. Night in Antalya.

DAY 12


Breakfast buffet. Departure to Pamukkale to visit the ancient city of Hierapolis, where the Apostle San Felipe was martyred. Pamukkale is known as “The Cotton Castle” because of its petrified calcareous waterfalls. It is a natural, magical and spectacular location, unique in the world. There you will get to know a dream place, composed of fossilized waterfalls, old terminal baths with high calcium content, which have been petrified, creating a unique landscape, with stalactites, waterfalls and depressions of a dazzling white. The thermal baths have been used for their therapeutic powers since Roman times. The thermal center with its motels and pools and the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis are located on the plateau. We can enjoy a bath in those thermal springs. Night in Pamukkale.

DAY 13

Laodice Aphrodysias

Breakfast buffet. Departure to Eskihisar, the ancient Laodicea, where we will admire its church and ruins, followed by a visit to the ancient city of Aphrodisias, including the Temple of Aphrodite, the Theater and Baths of Hadrian. Night in Kuşadası.

DAY 14

Ephesus Esmırna (Izmir)

Breakfast buffet. Transfer to Ephesus, the best preserved ancient city of Asia Minor, which during the 1st and 2nd centuries had a population of 250,000 inhabitants. We will visit the famous Theater, for 25 thousand people, the agora, the Roman baths, the Library of Celsus, the Temple of Hadrian, the Church of the Virgin Mary, where the Third Ecumenical Council was held in the year 431. We will also know the House of the Virgin Mary. According to the Bible and some religious writings, Saint John brought the Virgin Mary to Ephesus, after the death of Christ. The House of the Virgin is visited every year by thousands of pilgrims, in addition to being visited by Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II. On the way to Izmir we will make a brief stop in the picturesque village of Sirince. Night in Izmir.

DAY 15

Esmırna Sardıs Fıladelfía

Breakfast buffet. Excursion to the Church of San Policarpo, symbol of the community of the Seven Churches of the Apocalypse, followed by a visit to the “Velvet Castle” of Alexander the Great, the ancient city of Sardis and the old Church of Philadelphia in Alahesir. Night in Izmir.

DAY 16

Thyatıra Pergamum Çanakkale

Breakfast buffet. Departure in the morning to visit the Church of the ancient Thyatira, followed by the visit of the Acropolis and Asclepion, in the ancient Pergamum. Transfer to Çanakkale. Night in Çanakkale.

DAY 17

Troy Istanbul

Breakfast buffet. Visit to the ancient city of Troy, the famous Ilión, of nine levels, famous for its history, narrated in The Iliad of Homer. There we can enjoy a replica of the Trojan horse and in general the ruins of the ancient city. Transfer to Istanbul. Night in Istanbul.

DAY 18


Breakfast buffet. Return to your country or extra nights in Istanbul or another city in Turkey.