Cappadocia Balloon

If you plan to go to the Turkish Cappadocia, a fascinating and unique place in the world, be sure to consider the following proposed TOURQUIA unique and unforgettable:

We offer a trip from the air! Discover a different perspective from the sky in this amazing region, which together with its fantastic landscape, similar to the lunar environment, with beautiful and strange formations of lava from the eruption of Mount Erciyas and erosion; find countless small towns, churches and other interesting sites.

This star is a tourism product not to be missed. You can record or photograph a bird’s eye view of the beauties of Cappadocia Imperdible this experience!

For questions relating to ballooning, please check with frequently asked questions about making our customers and citamso below.

We remind you that this is a unique path personalized tour, guided by our most qualified professionals, with a wide range of luxury vehicles for private transport and our guarantee that the restaurants in which culinary delight are a selection of the most highlights of the city. We provide everything you need to make your trip a success.


How do balloons fly?

The balloons operate through the basic principles of gravity and heat transfer. When the air inside the balloon is heated, it rises and as the air is cooled, it descends. To make the balloon fly uses a burner equipped with a fan, which he filled with hot air.

What are the main parts of a hot air balloon?

Balloons today have 3 parts: envelope, basket and burners. Wrapping and nacelle are linked with cables. The burners are placed to direct the flame towards the inlet of the sheath (the mouth ring). In the basket is well protected, the gas used to produce the flame (which is currently propane safer than hydrogen and helium). Complementary tools for safety and navigation: an altimeter, variometer (measured average vertical velocity), a thermometer, a compass, a GPS, a map of the flight area, a radio and a fire extinguisher.

What is the shell?

The shell consists of vertical strips together, waterproof synthetic material (nylon or polyester), capable of withstanding the high temperatures inside. Its volume depends on the models, and the ability to withstand load. The regulars, who see through the air, are among the models and 3,000 m3 1,800 m3.

What is made a nacelle of the globe?

The nacelles are often intertwined wicker or rattan and have cubic shape.

Are all hot air balloons alike?

All hot air balloons consist of a burner system, a basket and an envelope. The differences are in the shape and size of the drain system, the shape of the basket and its design, and the number of burners.

What is the average life of a balloon?

Depending on the care to be given, a balloon envelope may last five or more hours of flight. The basket usually last much longer, perhaps thousands of hours of flight, if it receives proper care.

Can you steer a balloon?

The winds determine the direction of a balloon. The pilot can steer a balloon, to some extent, by adjusting the altitude to make use of different wind speeds and directions that blow.

How many people can get in a hot air balloon?

The capabilities of our balloons range from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 21 passengers.

How long does a balloon flight?

This depends on the type of flight. The standard flight lasting approximately one hour and the exclusive flight lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

What fuel do balloons use?

Our hot air balloon carrying 80 liters of propane in stainless steel tanks.

What altitude balloons fly?

The balloons usually fly below 2000 feet, in line with state regulations Aviation.

How safe is a balloon?

A hot air balloon is considered one of the safest forms of flying. Serious accidents are rare.

What if the burner goes out?

If the burner goes out, the burner is activated emergency. If that does not work, there are two spare burners. Should be no burner, the balloon would descend to earth like a parachute.

How long does it take to inflate and deflate the balloon?

Our ground crew can inflate and take off a balloon in fifteen minutes or less. It takes about the same amount of time to deflate and pack the balloon after the flight.

Do you need a pilot’s license to manage it?

Yes, all our drivers have official licenses of the Turkish Civil Aviation and international civil aviation authorities.

Why fly early in the morning?

It flies in the first hours after sunrise, because it is a quieter time, the coolest part of the day. This allows for a soft landing and maximum lifting capacity of the balloon. Then there is the splendor of a beautiful sunrise. The whole experience lasts 3 to 4 hours, so will the rest of the day to enjoy the many attractions of Cappadocia.

What to wear, what to wear?

It depends on the season. We fly in the winter too! For summer: jeans or slacks and flat-heeled shoes. For winter: warm clothing, winter jacket, etc.,

How passengers remain in the basket?

Passengers traveling in the basket normally stand during the flight. But do not worry, the car and its edges will reach breast height.

Where do we go?

We go where the wind takes us. Depend on the flight of the air currents, so that the pilot heated air inside the balloon with the burner for currents up in different directions.

Where do we land?

Descend to land in open fields, many in the area flying. Your pilot will descend slowly when overflying a suitable place for landing. There are greeted by our experienced ground staff.

What about the weather?

Before leaving, we will check the wind speed. In general, we flew when wind speeds less than 10 miles per hour.

Is age a problem?

Our flight is not recommended for children under 10 or adults approaching 80.

How does it feel?

Once up not perceive any movement or wind turbulence, as we fly in the air currents. It is much more subtle than an elevator ride. As we flew over the trees and float on the field, you have a sense of peace and enjoys a beautiful panoramic view of the place. Some passengers described the feeling as “romantic”.

Does insurance?

Yes All passengers are insured up to EUR 1,000,000 by the international insurance company, Allianz, also based in Turkey.

What is the difference between a flight and a flight luxury standard?

Our luxury tour offers a comfortable and intimate environment to enjoy the fairy chimneys. The balloons used for hosting only luxury travel 10 to 12 passengers, so you have more space. The flight takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, to ensure you can see all of what this incredible area has to offer. The Standard tour uses our larger balloons, which will house between 16 and 21 passengers. The flight takes about 1 hour. Although shorter than the luxury flight, the standard provides sufficient time to admire the beauty of the place unmistakable.

What is included?

We pick you up at your hotel. You will have a light breakfast before departure. The end of the flight will be celebrated with a glass of champagne and gave it his balloon flight certificate. We can help you celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or any other special occasion.

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