Frequently Asked Questions About Turkish Gulet

F.A.Q. about Cruises in Turkey

We have compiled a list of the most frequent questions among our clients. If you can not find your answer here, please do not hesitate to contact us for any consultation, information or suggestion required.

What day do you start your cruises?
Usually on Saturdays, but at the beginning of the season and in its final stretch it is sometimes possible to start on a different day.

What time can we get on board the schooner?
It is possible to board the schooner at approximately 4:00 p.m. If you arrive earlier you have the possibility to leave your luggage on the boat, while the preparations are completed.

At what time should we leave or disembark from the schooner?
The day of departure you will have to disembark from the schooner after breakfast, around 10: 00h.

Can we choose our own cruise route?
Yes, you can choose your own route, although you should consider flexible navigation due to weather and wind conditions. You also have the option of starting the voyage in one port and ending in another. By early booking you will have more options to choose the ports of departure and arrival.

Can we sail on a sailboat for a longer time and less than the established 7 days?
We can offer sailings under 3 or 4 days and cruises of 8, 10 and even 14 days are also possible, but usually at the beginning of the season and in its final stretch. Do not hesitate to contact us for these offers.

Can we navigate the Greek islands?
You can visit the islands near the coast of Turkey, such as Kos, Rhodes, Simi, Kalymnos, Patmos and Leros. In this case, we would ask you to pay the expenses of a Turkish yacht cruise in Greek waters. These itineraries can be found in “Routes of navigation, Greek Islands”.

What places will we see from our cruise on a motor sailboat?
A detailed list will be offered later, navigation routes, sailboat rentals. We can also send you the itineraries with descriptions of cities, towns and bays.

How often will we stop and drop anchor? How many hours do we sail every day?
We sail every day for a couple of hours, and every day between two and three bays will be visited.

Does the captain and the crew speak English?
Our captains and the crew have some knowledge of English

Can we sail?
Our cruises are normally carried out by motor and only when there is favorable wind can the sails be deployed. Please let us know if you are an enthusiastic or experienced sailor at the time of your request, this will allow us to suggest a more suitable schooner for you.

During the trip can we leave the ship?
It is possible that in some bays we go down to land with a pneumatic boat, and some nights we will dock in ports where we can get off the boat to explore the area on foot.

Can we hire tours to places of interest when we go ashore, during our cruise on schooner?
If possible. There are many places of interest to visit, you can do it independently or if you prefer we can help you with the organization of vehicles for land, local guides, or in case of request, a guide (for several languages) for all your trip on board.

What ship is used for sailing cruises? Can you tell us the name of the schooner?
All excursions are made with traditional Turkish schooners, wooden schooners built especially in the regions of Bodrum and Marmaris. The name of the ship will not be available before the date of embarkation, since we will depend on the number of clients on board to assign the most suitable ship.

Is there an individual supplement?
Yes, the individual supplement for sailboat rentals is 70%.

Are there drinks on board?
They will have a selection of drinks on board. They can buy soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, which must be paid at the end of their trip. You pay directly in cash to the captain / crew.

Can we bring our own drinks on board?
On a private cruise you can bring your own drinks on board.

Can we bring our own food on board?
Yes, you can bring your own food on board. In case you decide not to opt for our full pension, we also help you with purchases upon arrival. We can send you a list with those food products you may need and make the purchase of them, to transport them to the ship upon arrival. All purchases can be paid upon arrival.

Can you assist us with special diets, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.?
Our chefs have great experience in culinary work using special diets, if you are a vegetarian or are allergic to certain foods, let us know in advance.

How can you get in and out of the sea / water?
The ladder to enter and exit the water can be an extension that leads to a small platform in the water or in small pleasure boats. Some boats have a swim platform in the stern.

Are there towels / linens on board?
On all our boats we supply towels and hand towels for showers. You will have to bring your own beach / pool towel. The bedding is also provided by us. (On our standard boats once a week there is a general change of provisioning).

Can we listen to music on the schooner?
All our schooners are equipped with a CD and / or MP3 player with a wide selection of music. Feel free to bring your own CDs.

How much money do we need on board?
You will need money on board to make any road trip you may wish to take, for occasional meals on land (optional), for your personal purchases and to pay your bill for drinks consumed on board at the end of your cruise.

What currency can we use to pay our bar account?
Your bar account can be paid in US dollars (USD), Euros (€), Turkish Liras (TL), or sterling pounds (£).

How to get from the airport to the schooner / boat?
We offer a private transportation service for our clients. Check our prices at the time of booking. All of our transfer vehicles to and from the airport have air conditioning.

What should we carry?
Remember that you will probably spend most of your time in your swimsuit! For travel on land a pair of lightweight long pants and shirt or shirt is advisable. You will also need shoes for stony roads. At night, especially at the beginning and end of the season, it can get colder, so you may also need a sweater. Other necessary items are a beach towel, a sunscreen against sunburn, snorkeling, fins and goggles and a sleeping bag in case you want to sleep on the deck. Bring your belongings in a travel bag instead of a suitcase, because it is easier to store these bags in the cabins.

What kind of electricity supply do the boats have?
Electricity in most boats is 12 or 24 volts. Please keep this in mind if you wish to take recharge batteries or electric shavers, camcorders, etc. And make sure you have left the hair dryer at home, as it is better to dry your hair in the sun. In most traditional yachts (and in all luxury boats) there are 220 V generators, which operate a couple of hours during the day and at night to recharge batteries, refrigerators, freezers, as well as for air conditioning .

Is a schooner in Turkey suitable for small children’s holidays?
Accompanied by adults, children of any age are welcome and will positively enjoy the warm waters of the Turkish Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea.

What is the best season?
The months of May and October offer excellent sailing conditions and the opportunity to go hiking or fishing. The days of July and August are long and hot, and the nights are warm. June, early July and every day of September offer a better combination, with warm days and cool nights. The water in September can be very warm in some places. Between the end of July and the beginning of September, Turkey is at its peak of summer occupation, taking thousands of tourists to the coastal regions.

What are the typical habitable spaces on a schooner?
An indoor lounge, a deck that sits aft on the ship’s keep, to eat and rest in the shade of an awning, and a foredeck with numerous sun loungers also protected from the sun and very pleasant, especially when the boat is not Is browsing.

Do all the cabins have a private bathroom?
All cabins have their own bathroom (shower and toilet), showers vary in style, some have normal showers and some schooners have shower cabins. The luxury schooners have shower cabins, some bathrooms have a hairdryer, shower with Jacuzzi and / or whirlpool and sauna.

Are there water sports facilities on each boat?
In most traditional yachts there are canoes, diving equipment and fishing equipment on board. Our luxury schooners offer a variety of water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing, water skiing, canoeing, wakeboarding and diving. For those water sports that require the use of fuel and zodiac use, an extra amount must be paid, which can be paid to the crew. Please ask before special requests.

Are there games / TV on board?
There is a small selection of board and card games on the boats and on most traditional yachts there is a TV and CD / DVD player in the lounge. In our luxury yachts are usually offered: satellite television, HD TVs / DVD / CD players in the lounge and in the cabins.

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