Jewish Heritage Tour in Izmir Half Day Tour

We immerse ourselves in Izmir Jewish heritage, the beautiful Turkish Aegean city known as “The Pearl of the Aegean”, the most prestigious visiting Izmir.
We visited the Beth Israel Synagogue in the neighborhood of the same name. This synagogue was built in 1907. The most beautiful part of the synagogue is undoubtedly its wooden decor. The two architectural pieces Tevah (Bima) and EHAL Akodesh were drawn entirely from mahogany by the most famous masters of the time. The upper gallery of the synagogue has functions as a museum. Then we went to the ancient shopping area and visit Kemeralti Bazaar Street Havra and synagogues. Havra Street is named after the numerous synagogues that were erected along this path. In the fifteenth century, at the invitation of the Ottoman Empire, Jewish families emigrated to Spain and settled in Izmir Street and surrounding Havra making this neighborhood home. The area is known as the Jewish Quarter or Sephardic, not only for its large population, but by its success in the area of ​​trade, where the local Sephardic breathed a different quality but special. This influence occurs not only in the streets but in Izmir Havra generally with their traditions, customs and cuisine as rich. First we visited the Synagogue Geveret signora, built in the sixteenth century. Then we will visit the Synagogue and finally Algazi Aydinli Shalom Synagogue built in the seventeenth century. Most of these synagogues were influenced by the traditional Ottoman decorative style. So there was a time in nine synagogues in the same street, but there are only four currently open for worship.

After these visits we have free time in the bazaar for shopping Kemeralti, one of Turkey’s largest and most colorful and lively bazaar of Izmir as well as two floors of the building Kizlaragasi built by the Ottomans in the eighteenth century, but is now employed as a mall.

Procedure visit the synagogues in Izmir
Special permission must be obtained from the secretary of the Jewish community of Izmir. The full names, passport numbers and home address must be sent by fax or email in advance. Our agency can obtain this permission, on behalf of our clients.

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