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Special restaurants in Istanbul

Here is our selection of the best places to eat in Istanbul, where you can taste the delights of its cuisine, attended by the best professionals, in an environment without equal, with an atmosphere of luxury and exquisiteness … what we call five restaurants Forks!

Çırağan Kempinski Palace, located at Çırağan Caddesi, 32, Beşiktaş, Istanbul.
Adjacent to the luxurious Çırağan Palace Kempinski hotel, the award-winning restaurant Tugra serves excellent Turkish-Ottoman cuisine featuring some of the recipes enjoyed by members of the Ottoman imperial family.

Çırağan Caddesi, 40, Ortaköy, Istanbul.
Restaurant located right on the Bosphorus, specializes in traditional and current Turkish-Ottoman food, with emphasis on the use of natural products. It offers seasonal menus that incorporate only locally grown ingredients. One night in Feriye can include marinated and cured meat, wrapped in grape leaves or puff pastry stuffed with pine nuts and fish dipped in a pepper sauce.

Hoca Gıyasettin Mahallesi, Şifahane Sokak 6, Süleymaniye, Fatih, Istanbul.
Darüzziyafe was built by the famous architect Mimar Sinan, between 1550-1555, under the command of Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent, to celebrate the centenary of the Conquest of Istanbul. This building was the public kitchen of the complex of the Suleymaniye Mosque and was used as a banquet hall until the last years of the Ottoman Empire.

Anadolu Hisarı Mahallesi, Körfez Cd. No: 78, Istanbul
Körfez is the work of Ömer S. Salur, a passionate perfectionist in the kitchen, who presents an innovative approach to traditional Turkish food. The culinary experience is wonderful, with dishes such as baked and salted fish or mackerel burgers, studded with pistachios. The place has incredible views to the Bosphorus and one can book roundtrip transportation by boat.

360 ° Restaurant
Istiklal Caddesi. Misir Apt. 32/309 Beyoğlu, Istanbul.
You do not go to this restaurant for its food, which is a secondary issue. Although he eats very well there – he even has a Japanese kitchen bar – his arms of seduction are the views and an ultramodern design. Take into account: they have a fun bar where they offer different cocktails, the most appetizing, according to our suggestion, is the Eau de Haliç, an explosive mix of raki and melon liqueur.

Hoca Paşa Mahallesi, Hüdavendigar Cd. No: 24, 34120, Istanbul
The Imbat restaurant is part of the Orient Express Hotel and has an excellent reputation, Turkish, Spanish and international food menus and an outstanding terrace, ideal to see unmissable monuments of Istanbul, such as the Galata Tower, the Golden Horn and the Topkapı Palace .

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