Educational Seminar Sufi Tha Path of Los Derviches

Sufism in Turkey

With more than 50 million followers, Sufism is a mystical derivation of Islam, which through the elevation of the soul through meditation, music and poetry, seeks to provide the union between God and human beings.

You can not miss this unique opportunity to discover in the heart of Turkish Sufism, the city of Konya, the basic notions of this Islamic spirituality and culture, called tasawwuf, and that in the West we know as Sufism. There you can experience the beauty of the Semá or mystical ceremony of the gyrovagus dervishes.

The seminar includes accommodation, food, entrance to museums, related activities and lessons.

Come, come, whoever you are;
Be unfaithful, idolatrous or pagan, come
This is not a place of despair
Even if you have broken your votes hundreds of times, you still see!

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