We Came Out in Street Travelers Istanbul Has a Price!

Istanbul Street Travelers

If you want to check how some of our tourist services are in the wonderful city of Istanbul, you can see the Viajeros Viajeros program broadcast on Sunday, March 18 at 9:30 p.m., through Channel Four of Spain – See you on TV!


For us it was a real pleasure to attend and show our touristic services to the Traveling Street team during their filming in Istanbul; both the camera and the reporter overflowed with sympathy. We are looking forward to seeing the program this Sunday, which will undoubtedly be entertaining and show the kindnesses and beauties of the Bosphorus city.

In the program we show some of our tourist services, such as a luxury yacht cruise on the Bosphorus or excursions and private transfers in Istanbul; and we accompanied our guests from TV Channel Four to their accommodation, which, thanks to our recommendations, was in the best suites in the city.

We visited the Spice Bazaar together, in the neighborhood of Eminönü, one of the oldest and the second largest covered in Istanbul, after the Grand Bazaar. We also went shopping, where the pashmina had a special place. A pashmina is a cashmere shawl; totally natural product that is usually mixed with Turkish angora to improve its quality. But the best pashminas are those produced from the goat’s beards, on manual looms, and when they have hand embroidery they are accepted as symbols of prestige in many parts of the world.

And finally, a night of fun, where we accompanied the Canal Cuatro team to a night show that has no equal in Istanbul: Arabesque Cahide. The Turkish Jet Set is assiduous to this kind of insurmountable oriental cabaret, which is renewed every four months.

Here you can see the program and admire the beauties of the city: Street Travelers: Istanbul has a price

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