Incentive Trips in Turkey

About incentive trips in Istanbul 

Incentive trips have a great impact on sales and the perception of the company. TOURQUIA offers them the possibility of sharing their brand values, plans and future strategies among the participants, as well as establishing an informal communication to develop their business in a relaxed and fluid environment.

Turkey as a country has infinite current possibilities for companies in the world. Istanbul and Antalya are, without a doubt, one of the best alternatives to host such trips for companies, for their infrastructure and services.

Are you looking for something very special? Well, it’s in the right place! The TOURQUIA team is ready to design your incentive program with the most original ideas, real and unknown adventures and outdoor activities.

We offer you perfect destinations to develop your incentive trip in Istanbul:

Wonder among wonders in terms of tourism. We can carry out everything you may need, such as special gala dinners or cocktails in dream places. Our suggestions are endless, but we could highlight the gardens of the most luxurious hotels along the Bosphorus, the gardens of the palaces of Dolmabahçe or Topkapı or the modernized Ottoman residence Esma Sultan Yalisi. You can also listen to classical music in an incomparable environment, such as the old Byzantine cisterns of Constantinople. If you love the classics, a cruise on the Bosphorus at dusk, on a luxury sailboat, is always an attractive and unforgettable option …

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