Ride Horse in Turkey

Horsemanship in Turkey

Turkey is an ideal place to ride horses. The love of horses has always been a part of Turkish culture. The famous region of Cappadocia is believed to derive its name from the word Katpadukya, “country of the horse” or “land of beautiful horses”. The horses of this region gained great fame since then, being offered as usual gifts to the kings of Assyria and Persia.

In present-day Turkey you can ride on horseback on natural groomed trails, in towns such as Daday, Arac, Eflani, Safranbolu, Ulus and Devrek (near Kastamonu and Bartin) and you can also go inside and enjoy the small roads surrounded by valleys full of flowers in spring, or fallen leaves in autumn.

In addition, it is possible to ride horses in specialized clubs in big cities, such as Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, Marmaris, Kemer, Çeşme and Karacabey are also convenient for this purpose.

If on your trip to Turkey or Istanbul you want to enjoy riding one of these beautiful animals, do not hesitate to contact us to offer our most exclusive services.

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