Turkish Gastronomy Information

Turkish cuisine

Turkish cuisine is famous for its rich variety of dishes and its magnificent combination of spices and aromatic herbs, which translates into delicious dishes for visitors. It has been influenced by the diverse cultures that passed through Anatolia, and in turn has influenced the cuisine of many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Turkish cuisine not only has an extremely appetizing appearance, but also a wide variety of ingredients that allow endless variation in the preparation and flavor of the dishes.

The most typical:
Dolma: grape leaf stuffed with rice and seasoned with spices and lemon. It is also eaten in Greece and it has the same name.

Kahvalti menu: it is the typical Turkish breakfast. A plate with cheese, cucumber, tomato, hard-boiled egg, bread, olives and, depending on the price, limited tea or free service.
Simit: the sesame-covered donuts they sell on the street or in cafes, and they are also used to accompany breakfast.
Çay: Turkish tea.
Piliç sis: chicken brochette.
Manti: pasta stuffed with meat and with yogurt base.
Kümpir: giant hoe potato, stuffed with vegetables, sausages, etc. The typical area to eat it is the Ortaköy neighborhood.
Ayran: liquid and salted yogurt drink.
Köfte: veal meatball.
Kokoreç: grilled veal intestines, with bread, hot pepper and vegetable or onion bite.

Çorbalar- Soups:
Bulama çorbasi: yogurt soup and ayran
Yogurtlu dövme corbasi: wheat soup with eggs and yogurt
Oz çorbasi: beef broth with wheat and yogurt

Patlican salatasi: mashed roasted eggplant with yogurt, olive oil, garlic, lemon and black olives.
Havuç salatasi: mashed carrots cooked with yogurt, olive oil and garlic.

Börekler ve hamur Isleri-Hojaldres y pastas:
Tepsi böregi: puff pastry stuffed with minced meat, white cheese, yogurt and chopped fennel.
Yogurtlu börek: puff pastry stuffed with yogurt, white cheese and chopped fennel, baked.
Peynirli pogaça: empanadilla stuffed with white cheese and yogurt.

Cilbir: poached eggs with yogurt, butter and paprika sauce.
Yogurtlu yumurta: scrambled eggs with yogurt sauce.

Et Yemekleri-Dishes with meat:
Yogurtlu kebap: meat skewers served on toast and served with a tomato sauce and yogurt.
Kuzu dügün kizartmasi: lamb stewed with onions, yogurt, cinnamon.

Sebze Yemekleri-Vegetables:
Muteyna: stewed cucumbers with meat, yogurt and mint.
Kazan kebabi: minced meatballs with onions, aubergines, garlic and yogurt.
Alinazik: eggplant puree with olive oil and garlic.
Kabak kizartmasi: zucchini battered with yogurt sauce.
Bakla: boiled peas served with yogurt.
Lahmacun: kind of pizza, of fine dough and somewhat exotic taste.

Baklava: a typical dessert made of puff pastry, pistachios or almonds and syrup (it can be too sweet).

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