Tour 9 Jewish Heritage Tour in Istanbul

Sephardıc herıtage ın Istanbul

Sephardic emigration to the Ottoman Empire began with the expulsion of the Jewish population in the Iberian peninsula by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492.

This private tour includes the most important sites of Sephardic history in Istanbul.
We started the tour with a visit to the area of Galata, an area mostly inhabited by the Sephardim at the beginning of the twentieth century. We visited the famous Neve Shalom synagogues and Ashkenazi. Then continue to the Golden Horn, to visit the synagogue Ahrida XV century. Passing by the Jewish Hospital of Or-Ahayim (if you want kosher lunch is served in the hospital, notice is required) followed by a visit to the Museum and the Exhibition of Sephardic Jews in Turkey. Lunch. The last stop will be at the synagogue in Ortakoy Etz-Ahayim, the first landing point of the Sephardim, on arrival of the Ottoman Empire.

Important: To access the synagogues and institutions try to arrange for interviews but can not be guaranteed as it depends on the decision of the authorities of the institution / synagogue. To apply for the permits, you need full names and copies of passports, and a notice of 7 days.

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