Dervishes Ceremony in Istanbul

derviches giravagos

The Dance of the Dervishes and a walk towards the Taksim Istiklal Avenue

Who has not heard of the mystical dance of whirling dervishes and their dance-meditation ceremony, called Sema? The Sema is a male dance music accompanied by flute and drums. The dancers revolve about themselves with outstretched arms, symbolizing “the spiritual heritage was the truth, accompanied by love and completely free of ego. ” If you’ve always wanted to attend this show unique in the world mystic or he grows a little curiosity, we offer you the chance to attend one of the most genuine and original to be held in Istanbul from time immemorial, moving from site to site celebration, and always accompanied by one of our guides. After the show we offer the possibility of a city tour with our guide to enjoy the beautiful Istanbul with its splendid mosques and tour the most important avenue in the city, Istiklal, and so imbued with the pace of cosmopolitan Istanbul, where you have free time for dinner or coffee at the many restaurants, cafes and bars on his way to Taksim Square, considered the hub of the city of Istanbul.

Departures: Sunday / afternoon.

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