What You Need to Do in Istanbul in The Month of …

Things to do in istanbul

1- Take a salep at the Saray restaurant in the neighborhood of Beyoğlu.
2- Eat Kalkan (fish) with a raki in the neighborhood of Kumkapı ..
3- Taste lokum, in (üç yildiz).
4- Dinner at the Sarniç restaurant.
5- Eat Köfte in “Tarihi Sultanahmet Köftecisi”.
+ Stroll through the Çiçek Pasaj ”

1- Eat profiteroles (Inci)
2- Film Festival in April.
3- Eat artichokes (Hacı Abdullah).
4- Buy tulips.
5- Take an aperitif on the terrace of the hotel “Anemon”, located next to the Galata Tower.
+ Attend the ritual of Whirling Dervishes in the “Convento Galip Dede” in the Tünel neighborhood.

1- Climb up the hill of Çamlica to have the first coffee in the morning.
2- Eat yogurt in the neighborhood of Kamlica.
3- Go to the Islands of the Princes to tour it in carriages.
4- Take a Turkish Tea on the terraces of the bohemian neighborhood of Ortaköy.
5- Watch the sunset from Pierre Loti’s Café.
+ Have a tea with simit on the coffee terrace next to the Clock Tower of the Dolmahbaçe Palace.

1- Take an aperitif in the cafe-restaurant KV, in the passage of Tünel.
2- Eat corn cobs in the street.
3- July Music Festival: attend classical music at the historic Byzantine church of Santa Irene.
4- Go out at night to any of the clubs located next to the Bosphorus.
5- Attend a concert or play at the Rumeli Fortress, “Rumeli Hisar”.
+ Listen to the call to the Prayer of the mosques, on the terrace of the Zeyrekhane café-restaurant.
+ See the light and sound show in the outdoor patio of the Blue Mosque.

1- Drink a coffee at the “Pavillon de Malta” in the Yildiz park.
2- Take a walk through the Golden Horn in the “Canoas del Sultán”.
3- Eat “Lüfer” at the Feriye restaurant, a small palace next to the Bosphorus.
4- Visit the Uskudar neighborhood in the afternoon and admire the sunset from the Torre de Leandro (“Kız Kulesi”).
5- Smoking “hookah” (water pipe) in a typical cafe in the Tophane neighborhood.
+ Eat doner and drink ayran in Konyali restaurant inside Topkapı Palace.

1- Take a hot wine with spices.
2- Eat roasted chestnuts on the street.
3- Go to a Jazz concert at the Babylon club, in the Tünel neighborhood.
4- Take “Boza” in a typical cafe in the neighborhood of “Vefa”
5- Take an aperitif in the cafe-restaurant “IF” of the Richmond Hotel (on the Istiklal pedestrian street) with an extraordinary view of Constantinople.
+ Spend the NocheVieja at the Feriye restaurant.

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