Turkish Gulet Cruises

Turkish Gulet Cruises in the Aegean Sea

Cruises in Goleta
The Turkish coast is one of the most attractive places in the Mediterranean. Thanks to the mountains covered with pine trees that extend to the sea, famous people from all over the world come to enjoy the greatest privacy on board their yachts that line the steep coast. A blue paradise and a coast strewn with history surprise the traveler.

The Goleta boats are wooden sailboats with between 4 and 6 cabins, they are very comfortable and are rented at very affordable prices for a week. The on-board crew ensures that the traveler fully enjoys their vacations while sailing along the coast, enjoying the turquoise sea and the incredible scenery.

The cruises are made in “gulet”, modern motor boats type “schooner”, it is called like this to the boats of very specific characteristics located in the Turkish Coast. The tradition of construction in wood and with two sailing masts since the time of the navigators of the Renaissance is maintained. They are boats of great beauty. The dimensions vary, between 16 to 25 meters in length and between 4.5 to 6 meters in width. They are capable of accommodating between 8 and 24 passengers (4 to 12 cabins). It is ideal for groups of friends and families who want to enjoy the sea and the pleasure of sailing. The crew of the ship takes care of everything and you just have to think about enjoying the sea, the landscapes and the rich culture of the coastal towns. The navigation is adjusted to the pre-established itinerary and the route starts at the beginning of the day. In the afternoon you will go to an inlet or port to spend the night.

The boat is equipped with a caterpillar motor of 240 hp / 12 knots, radio cassette, VHF radio telephone, hot water, fully equipped kitchen, 12 or 24 volt current, coolers, swim ladder, that / outdoor dining area, fishing equipment , water tanks and snorkelling equipment.

They are of simple comfort and reduced dimensions, with two bunk beds superimposed, or a double bed and a W.C. and private shower. The towels have to be carried by the client.

They are served on board: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menus are made by the on-board chef based on local products. The water is included. The rest of the drinks are not included and can not be brought from outside the boat, but dentron must be purchased. Meals are taken on deck in the back of the boat.

On all ships it is composed of captain, cook and sailor. The language they speak is Turkish and English. The crew cabins are separated from those of the passage.

The stages of the chosen itinerary can be altered if the captain or the shipping company deems it necessary due to weather or force majeure and can substitute a similar ship without prior notice. The client expressly accepts the authority of the ship’s captain and expressly waives any subsequent claim.

Suitcases are not allowed, only soft bags and these are not bulky. It is important to bring light and sporty clothes, anti-mosquito, sunscreen, caps, glasses, beach shoes and snorkel tube.

These sailboats can not be compared in size or comfort with cruise ships, although they offer a simple and appropriate comfort for a clientele not too demanding and that assumes the degree of comfort and comfort offered by this type of boats (approximate size. 17-25 m.)
These boats are motorized sailboats although they never use sails to navigate, with a capacity of 4/7 double cabins with a large bed and with sinks. The services are common
With indoor lounge, deck table, bar, hot water, motorboat, stereo, and scuba diving
It is convenient that the suitcases that are carried to the boat are soft, or travel bag type
The shipping company reserves the right to: modify the course of the Cruise and even to immobilize the ship in port if the weather conditions so require, always at the discretion of the Commander, the highest authority on board. As it also reserves the right to change the type of ship assigned by another, whether or not owned by the shipping company
There is no Spanish-speaking guide on the Goleta boat