Private Tourist Services

Private and custom.

We discover Istanbul, Turkey: experience the fusion of unusual spaces with bold tasting, history with music, and nature with the glamour … A world of new sensations.

We are a group of professionals who share a common passion: the seduction of the exclusivity. ” For this reason we offer the opportunity to enjoy exclusive tourism in Istanbul and our mission is to provide unique experiences for lovers of luxury and hedonism. Our field experience has also allowed us to structure an organization versatile, creative and efficient with ability to adapt to the proposals and conditions for customers.

TOURQUIA offers the following private services in Turkey and Istanbul
Welcomes you at the arrival at the airport
Private transfer to hotel
Private guided tour
Lunches and dinners at top restaurants
Call our offices 24 hours
We offer all the guarantees to make your trip a success.

Cora, in which we can see the magnificent frescoes that tell the history of Christianity

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